Thoughts are rushing in my head but I can’t seem to put them into words.

Making my thoughts to manifest into words or sentences so that I would lessen the weight in my head.

But, I can’t seem to weave and materialize what’s in my head.

This very same thoughts bug me a lot and keeps me awake.

When I close my eyes, my thoughts seem to tease me and keeps running in my mind.

Another night of battling with these thoughts. Thoughts that seemed to pass the gate of my preconscious. A prisoner in my subconscious, now a free thoughts that are dancing in victory of their liberation.

Published by She Writes

She's a dreamer. Hopes to be lost in oblivion but the truth is, she just wants to be seen and heard. In quest within and lover of life. This, too, shall pass so I will keep going ; I still don't know. I'll rest for the mean time.

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