Dear Diary: Entry 22; Trusting the Process

I’m slowly letting go all of my attachments and negative beliefs.

Deep within, I know that I’m doing the right choice and all of my decisions matter. Later on, I will realize the purpose of everything and things will make sense. But, I also believe that I have free will and I can able to create my reality.

I can able to challenge my destiny and turn all of my visions into reality.

But, for now. I’m trusting this process. I’m allowing myself to immerse in this phase and be present.

Being present and trusting the sense of now will lessen the weight of my thoughts and I will learn to let life flows in me.

Yes, I’m up for bigger dreams. I’m in pursuit of my dreams and seeking higher knowledge and wisdom. But, this stage is vital. Because in the moment of not knowing everything comes great understanding and peace.

Published by She Writes

She's a dreamer. Hopes to be lost in oblivion but the truth is, she just wants to be seen and heard. In quest within and lover of life. This, too, shall pass so I will keep going ; I still don't know. I'll rest for the mean time.

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