My take away in the Korean Drama entitled It’s Okay to Not be Okay

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1. We cannot run away forever from the butterfly of our past.

Wherever we go, we are bound to confront it and make peace with our past. We are not meant to always move away when problems are being presented to us. It requires face to face approach and allowing ourselves to feel the pain that we keep repressing. Because only that we can be free from our fear. We must forgive our past and must forgive ourselves for allowing it to control and makes us miserable.

2. Just because someone is loud doesn’t mean they are empty can.

We will do our best to protect ourselves from pain and keep our true feelings hidden from everyone. Not everyone will understand our battles. We tend to be loud and bold to prevent others from seeing our vulnerability. Judging others based on the portion they allow us to see is not enough to generalize their entirety.

3. Sometimes our own family causes deeper wounds to us.

This is the kind of pain that will really consumes us. It will creeps to every fiber of our being. The kind of wound that is deep and will leave scars to our hearts forever. The excruciating pain that will makes us feel better if we will just vanish. This wound is never easy to explain. A part of our lives that will be forever part of us.

4. We cannot be forever in a box.

No matter how much we shut ourselves from the world, we are meant to deal with the reality. We will see what is beyond the box and soon, we can free ourselves from the box.

5. Wearing mask will not guarantee that we will keep our genuine being.

When we keep what we truly feel within it will not totally perish because it will forever remain within us. Piling up and just waiting for a perfect moment to explode and when it explodes its more lethal. Mask will removes our capacity to deal with our feelings. It will stop us from seeing the genuine reflection of our soul.

6. Seeking help and facing our fears is not easy as we think.

It will require our conscious effort to heal. Because no matter how much help that is available around us, it will be useless when we will not tap our capacity to heal. Because the important factor in healing, is our self.

7. Mental health is very essential.

It might appear invisible in our naked eyes but it can affect us as a whole. No one has the rights to belittle our wounds just because we cry over a scratch in our elbow. Our pain tolerance varies. Whatever we feel it is valid. We are the one who experienced it that is why we are the one crying and in agony. Mental health issue comes in different forms and faces. It can be silent but deadly.

8. Our own weakness will not define us.

There is nothing wrong being weak. We all have weakness and sometimes it gets the most of us. Our weakness limits us and stops us from doing the things that will truly makes us happy. Sticking with other weak human is not cowardice. It’s an act of bravery because connecting to others will makes us stronger.

9. There will be people that will stay with us forever.

Even if we push people away, we will find people that can listen what is beyond our words and actions. They will see the deepest truth of our being and will give warmth to our cold soul. Because of them we will feel the warmth again. We will be able to create a new memories and beautiful life together with these people. They will stay with us and sits with us in silence. They will wait for us to open our life with them again. They can be our home when we feel lost and when we can never be there for ourselves.

10. It’s Okay to Not be Okay

There are times that we don’t feel okay at all. We sit in pain and allow ourselves to feeling the searing pain. We feel like we hit the rock bottom and that is okay. Sometimes we need to remove our cape and use it as our blanket so that we can rest. Eventually, we will stand again and rise above from all the things that keep us falling down.

We will find again the courage to reclaim ourselves. We will tap again the happiness and peace that is always within us.

–She Writes



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She's a dreamer. Hopes to be lost in oblivion but the truth is, she just wants to be seen and heard. In quest within and lover of life. This, too, shall pass so I will keep going ; I still don't know. I'll rest for the mean time.

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