Team Play. Team Spirit

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Kuroko No Basuke

I just want to let my heart out. I was deeply moved by this anime. I truly feel the importance of team spirit and cooperation.

As a team, we have a role to play but what is important is, we play as a team.

We must use our individual strength to make our team strong. We can still grow our strength and at the same time grow as a team.

The thing I learned in this, is the importance of effort. No efforts can be wasted. Even if we don’t have special talent and we are just an average individual, through effort and dedication we can able to improve ourselves as long as we genuinely love what we are doing.

After all, no matter how much we love something we will undergo process and defeat but it’s okay.

We may fail at first attempt, we can try again. We must believe in ourselves and believe in others.

There’s learning along the process and with the help of good people, our team, we can make ourselves better and we can able to share our burdens to them.

The past is important because it shapes us but at the same time it will not define the person that we will be in the present or future. It’s important to make peace with our past.

Tetsuya Kuroko is my favorite character. I love his traits and personality. I love how passionate he is when it comes to basketball. He may appear weak and fragile but he has strength that is unbeatable. He’s strong in his own way. His uniqueness is his strength and his capacity to uplift the spirit of others. He can able to see through others and speak the right words.

Also, Kagami Taiga and the Seirin team together with Coach Riko, they all show the importance of unity and will in order to reach their goal. It may seem impossible at first but they believe that they can do it and they actually did. They are all amazing and beautiful being with great passion and belief.

Seirin is the dream team! The true zone is playing as a team 💕

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