I’m always fascinated with the stars. It gives me hope and inspiration.

Every time I look at the stars, it reminds me of myself. I’m there in the vast horizon of darkness and yet, I’m still shining. I’m shining no matter how dark it is or even if I’m alone.

The stars may seem tiny but when we look closely, it is actually big. The stars are suppose to be there, in distance.

The starlight gives light in the the sky full of darkness. I don’t know, I really do admire the beauty of the stars.

It shimmers and when the stars dies, it blows itself in a supernova explosion. That supernova outshines the others in the galaxy then fades, but it leaves tiny particles. It dies and yet, it is still part of the cosmos. It is also amazing that the stardust can birth new stars and planets. Amazing right?

The starlight reminds me that no matter what happens I’ve got to keep shining.

Published by She Writes

She's a dreamer. Hopes to be lost in oblivion but the truth is, she just wants to be seen and heard. In quest within and lover of life. This, too, shall pass so I will keep going ; I still don't know. I'll rest for the mean time.

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