The Cost of My Dreams

I always believe that I can make all of my dreams come true. I’m so eager and ecstatic to grow and chase my dreams. For someone who experience poverty and financial instability, I aspire to make money and have a comfortable life. In our household, money is always the issue. So, I dream to beContinue reading “The Cost of My Dreams”

Letter to Myself

Hey, I want to say that I’m proud of you. I’m proud of all of your versions. I’m proud of you in all of the phases of your life even in your transition period. You are brave and strong for facing your life heads on. Yes, you don’t have the most beautiful story nor historyContinue reading “Letter to Myself”

First Anniversary in WordPress 🎉

I’m so grateful because I’m celebrating my first anniversary here in WordPress. One year ago since I started posting and writing. I started sharing my writings because I hope to express my thoughts and to connect with others using my words. A dreamer that envisions to use this platform as an avenue of her creativityContinue reading “First Anniversary in WordPress 🎉”

The Art Of Hardship

Things are not easy for me. I needed to endure hardships just to experience the triump. There is no easy way out in my life. I undergo series of obstacles and face darkness heads on. Despite of all hurdles in my life I emerge as victor. I know that its the same right now. AtContinue reading “The Art Of Hardship”

Resigning Without A Plan

As a fresh graduate, I’m pressured to get a job and to get a stable income. I was pressured as if there was a timeline that I must beat. I was conditioned that at 21, I must settled. I must be already successful. But, life doesn’t works like that. Here I am, 23, and I’mContinue reading “Resigning Without A Plan”

There Will Be Those Days

Sometimes, I just want to hide under my blanket and keep myself from the world. I don’t know. I’m not doing anything and yet, I feel exhausted with my existence. Then, there will be moments that I can’t find my life meaningful. All I want to do is to question my existence and ask myselfContinue reading “There Will Be Those Days”

Forever Twenty-Two: Musings

I’m in this journey called life. As I go along, I learned things and I realized plenty of lessons that I hope to share with others. Being twenty-two in this lifetime is quite challenging and full of twist and turns. There’s a lot to experience and I’m in the process of discovering bits of beautyContinue reading “Forever Twenty-Two: Musings”

Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void

I feel exhausted. There’s void within my heart. I never thought that my heart could be this empty. Watching Korean Dramas and doing things that usually makes me happy no longer interest me. But, I’m doing my best to function and live each day. This day is one of those days that I’m not inContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void”


My mind is awake and my thoughts are active. I don’t know where to start. I have plenty of things in mind but now, I can’t find a way to compose it. First, I would like to commend myself for everything. My decisions, failures, and learnings in life. All the wrong turns in my lifeContinue reading “My 2 AM MUSINGS”

Writing is Healing

When I write, I feel like I’m taking out the poison in my mind. Cleansing my soul and allowing my mind to flow like a peaceful water. Allowing the words to dance and finding my own rhythm. Writing is like weaving. Forming words in order to create a piece. A piece of my mind sharingContinue reading “Writing is Healing”

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