An Average Honor Student

Average: a standard or level that is considered to be typical or usual, (Cambridge Dictionary). When I was a child my eyes were opened to the importance of education. I put so much value in education and considered it as my passport to success. Because when you were young and poor you will hold onContinue reading “An Average Honor Student”

A Writer’s Core

You will know a writer through words. How he or she constructs and weaves words that form sentences then, a story. Because as the writer writes, he or she is becoming vulnerable. Showing the world the depth of his or her core. Because sharing the piece means allowing to be expose. Every words are allContinue reading “A Writer’s Core”


“Hi, good morning,” the tour guide greeted while maintaining the smile. “You better stop smiling”. The woman unconsciously blurted out and it was too late before she realizes it. “What I mean is-” The tour guide burst into laughter. It sounds like music. A beautiful harmony. She thought the tour guide will be offended butContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- LAST PART”


A smile that captures her attention. The tour guide is also very polite to the questions of the tourist and willingly explain to the inquiries. She doesn’t have questions that much. Or maybe she can’t formulate one. She already heard about it and read some reviews as well as read its history that is whyContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- Part 2”


Mr. Sun greeted the woman good morning. The sun rays embrace her body. The sunlight brightens more her beautiful smile. Birds are chirping it’s like a music to her ears. The sound makes her want to dance. The rhythm just seems so right. She was welcomed by the beautiful sunflowers and it looks like dancingContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- Part 1”

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