Dancing With the Waves

We all face waves and rage of the sea. We can’t stop any of it but we learn how to dance to its rhythm. As we go along with our journey, we encounter waves after waves . Some are small and some are big enough to drown us in the sea of life. But, weContinue reading “Dancing With the Waves”

Survived but Exhausted

I think it makes sense. I feel like I’m always fighting for my place in people’s life and in life in general. I survived countless of trials and abandon my youth just to survive the adversity. There is no one when I asked for help. No one came to rescue me. I am a loneContinue reading “Survived but Exhausted”

Windows of Life

Life is a series of decisions and choices. As an individual we are unique and we have different perspectives. We cannot invalidate the truth and feeling of our fellow men because we have no prior experience of their reality. Humans are complex that requires continuous understanding and respect. There is no single theory that explainsContinue reading “Windows of Life”

We Are Healing

Healing is not linear. Sometimes it might look zigzag and there will be times that we are in downside of life and it will appears as if healing is not taking place. It’s cliché but we must trust the process. This process will takes time but it will give us good result. This process isContinue reading “We Are Healing”

Let Us Talk About It

How’s your day? How are you? The thing is, I don’t exactly get it. I have no idea how you truly feel. Well, I understand that it’s heavy and difficult. But, if you’re really sure about it can we just talk for a bit? Let’s talk about your crush. What do you like most aboutContinue reading “Let Us Talk About It”


Dead end. Roadblock. Closed doors. Countless of times that sense of uncertainty consumes me because life gave me painful twist and turn. The road seems long and ending is far. Upon this journey, numerous breakdown happened. Things are not happening according to my plan. The frustration is growing and the more complains are there theContinue reading “OPEN AND CLOSE DOOR”


Pandemic affected all lives. It causes terror and panic. It took number of lives and put everyone’s life at risk. Fear became strong and it strengthen the effect of the virus. This pandemic is mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and economical. It affects the entirety. Being said, it shows how the government responds in the crisis.Continue reading “HELP ME UNDERSTAND”

When My World Stopped

As a young dreamer, there are plenty of visions in my mind. I’m thirsty and eager to conquer my dreams and be successful. I always aim to be successful. I always long to do exceptional and extraordinary things. But, what and where am I really good actually? Numerous times that I asked myself, what makesContinue reading “When My World Stopped”

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