On Self-love and Self-respect 🌼

Loving oneself is one of the hardest thing that we could ever do. Self-love seems to be very difficult. We often neglect ourselves for the sake of pleasing others and meeting the demands of society. I have my own fair share of self-destructive ways and difficulty in loving my self. I’m so scared to showContinue reading “On Self-love and Self-respect 🌼”


I hope this letter finds you well. How are you? Things are a little bit tough these days. How do you feel? I understand your struggle. You’re not alone. You’re coping and doing your best to live each day. It’s okay if you decided to filter news and refrain from reading negative discussion. It’s okayContinue reading “OPEN LETTER TO YOU”

Life After College Graduation

It’s exciting! Because finally, I can make all of my dreams happen. I’m full of life and ready to conquer this world. I’m full of determination and motivation to turn all of my dreams into reality. I’m close to success. I’m full of spirit to face whatever obstacles come into my way. But, I realisedContinue reading “Life After College Graduation”

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