I’ll Keep on Writing

There’s an urge inside of me. A force that keeps me writing. Every writings is a product of my imagination and desire to express what’s in my heart, mind, and soul. It is me being naked with my thoughts and emotions. A genuine confession of my being. As I write, I go deeper with myselfContinue reading “I’ll Keep on Writing”

The Decision To Make

Life is a series of decisions and choices. Our choices lead to another choices. We choose because of the choices that we have. We come up with a decision because we must decide. Our decisions lead to favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Everyday, we encounter so many decisions to make. Not choosing is a choice. NotContinue reading “The Decision To Make”


Every day we encounter different kinds of people. We met tons of people. With their uniqueness as well as their set of problems and principles in life. Some of them appear very strong, some of them are very jolly and some are lonely. Their emotion varies. But, do we ever wonder how we affect them?Continue reading “HI, MY WARRIOR 🌿”

Healing and Peace

Our world was shaken by the pandemic-COVID 19. It brought fear and uncertainty. Every country was rattled and it continues to bring terror as of today. Many lives were taken and numerous frontliners continues to combat this pandemic. Strategic plans are being curated by the government to minimize its effect. Scientists continues to create anContinue reading “Healing and Peace”

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