Between Birth and Death

How can I possibly make my life worthwhile? This whole pattern of my life bores me and I don’t have the slightest idea on how will I feel alive again. Everyday feels the same. I wake up, eat, and sleep again. I can’t feel the in between of life. The same flow of my lifeContinue reading “Between Birth and Death”

Getting In Touch With Life

Your belief and faith is tested when face in difficult situation. This situation requires a lot of faith and prayers. Often, we feel discourage when we deal with life’s adversity. That’s natural and understandable. I’m aware that it’s hard to see the bright side of life when we are being surrounded by darkness. It’s exhaustingContinue reading “Getting In Touch With Life”


Her smile is the prettiest. I will never gets tired to see her smiling as her eyes sparkle. Her eyes are full of depth. It contains universe that I can’t fully fathom. Its depth will takes forever in order to be fully explored. Her heart and soul is full of mystery and magic. The beautyContinue reading “WHEN HER LIGHT DIMS”


I keep on holding in the pain of the past because for me it was the only thing that made me feel alive. I let this pain repeatedly hurts me. I allowed it because I thought I deserve it. I always thought that I deserve all the worst things in life. For me, good thingsContinue reading “I FOUND MY SOLACE, I’M HOME”

Blanket of Desolation

There are moments wherein I simply feel sad. Shattered hopes are scattered all over the place. I hid in darkness as I mend the broken pieces of my heart. Facing solitude with all my might because I’m a lone warrior that is meant to face my battle alone. Being alone in this abyss of brokenContinue reading “Blanket of Desolation”

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