White looks clean and pure. I’m always fascinated by it’s purity and cleanliness. It’s always pleasing in the eyes. I feel at ease whenever i am seeing it. It’s also signifies cure because doctors and nurses are usually wearing this color. There are also people in my life that are wearing white coat. I relyContinue reading “WHITE COAT”

Twenty One Years Old Self Speaks

TWENTY 1 AND REALIZATIONS 💮 The sky and sea will always be a perfect combination. It always amaze me and makes me feel tranquil. I feel like I’m always home. Because both, is forever connected to something, something unknown and beautiful. I can be connected to the different part of the world. It’s way tooContinue reading “Twenty One Years Old Self Speaks”


It’s a process and a choice. Choosing to be grateful despite of the circumstances. Circumstances that will shaken our disposition and perception of life. Life is mysterious. Mysterious and fascinating. Fascinating because each day, its beauty unfolds. Unfolding and giving us sense of excitement despite of the uncertainty. Uncertain because we have no control onContinue reading “Gratitude”

That Feeling of Being Stuck

I’m a very ambitious and visionary individual. An individual that always envisions herself to achieve great things. Because I believe that I’m meant for extraordinary things, always. Yes, I’m a dreamer. I dreamt thousands of possibilities for me and even created timeline for my achievement. I should graduate with flying colors in college. I shouldContinue reading “That Feeling of Being Stuck”

Undying Fire of Dreams

7:44 am It’s a gloomy day. My work is cancelled but I also did some updates. I prepare my 3 in 1 coffee sits in the dining as I read my Concise Textbook of Clinical Psychiatry. I always visualizes myself in a white uniform. Wearing a white coat and talking to individuals from different walksContinue reading “Undying Fire of Dreams”

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