The Shoreline And The Sea

The sea brings comfort and serenity to a weary soul. As I stand along the shoreline I witness the calmness of the sea. Giving me assurance that everything will be okay eventually. Sometimes, I feel like I belong to the sea. There’s a call within me as if I’m one with the sea. When there’sContinue reading “The Shoreline And The Sea”

Team Play. Team Spirit

Kuroko No Basuke I just want to let my heart out. I was deeply moved by this anime. I truly feel the importance of team spirit and cooperation. As a team, we have a role to play but what is important is, we play as a team. We must use our individual strength to makeContinue reading “Team Play. Team Spirit”

Dear Diary: Entry 20; How Can I Be a Bigger Person?

This life is different in the perspective of each one of us. We all have fair share of experiences. We are in this crusade and we all are carrying a cross. Pain and suffering, we are all familiar with it. We face different challenges and adversity. Some battles are hidden and never shared to theContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 20; How Can I Be a Bigger Person?”

Dear Diary: Entry 13 ; You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. I know how you stand for yourself as you face your battles. Battles that are hidden. You always believe that some battles are meant to be face alone but sometimes, you need to ask for help. There is nothing wrong in asking for help. Acknowledging that you need help is courage.Continue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 13 ; You Are Not Alone”


“Hi, good morning,” the tour guide greeted while maintaining the smile. “You better stop smiling”. The woman unconsciously blurted out and it was too late before she realizes it. “What I mean is-” The tour guide burst into laughter. It sounds like music. A beautiful harmony. She thought the tour guide will be offended butContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- LAST PART”

That Feeling of Being Stuck

I’m a very ambitious and visionary individual. An individual that always envisions herself to achieve great things. Because I believe that I’m meant for extraordinary things, always. Yes, I’m a dreamer. I dreamt thousands of possibilities for me and even created timeline for my achievement. I should graduate with flying colors in college. I shouldContinue reading “That Feeling of Being Stuck”

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