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How Far I’ll Go

I always believe that I’m meant to reach bigger things in this lifetime. You see, I’m a dreamer. I always envisions the reality that I always wanted to have in my life.

The song touches me and became my life’s theme song. I often ask myself my purpose. In this vast wilderness, who am I?

How far will I go in order for me to reach my dreams? I doubt myself and my capability because I am afraid of uncertainty. I want to be contented for what I am and what I have but it doesn’t feel right. Something is missing and part of me wants to discover the horizon.

Fear won’t stop me because I want to attest myself how far I will go.

I don’t want to feel stuck. I don’t want to regret for not trying. So, in order for me to unravel the beauty of my dream I need to cross the ocean and see what is beyond.

The voice in my heart? I will listen and allow it to guide me to the destination that I am suppose to go. I’m not a prisoner of my destiny because I am capable of shaping my life and my choices will lead me to answers.

Waves will rattle my boat but I will learn to adjust my sail. The cold will bother me, but my burning passion will give me enough warmth.

Comfort zone will not give me growth. I must face this life squarely. After all, life will not wait for me to be ready.

The song reminds me, that I need to focus on what makes me truly happy and discover my authentic self.

This world is already too loud. Being align with the true self won’t bring confusion, not anymore.


When things get the most of us, we simply avoid it because we don’t want to feel the pain of the present situation.

We may consciously choose to ran away from the ghost of pain, life has its special way to let us face what we are suppose to face and experience.

We are able to just hide and deny the reality but it will always appear and run after us.

Because as you run, you will reach dead end and that is the time that you need to face it squarely.

You’re just there, staring with reality eye to eye.

Pain is evident but there’s a feeling of relief.

Finally, you’ll find rest.


We forgive our love ones, friends, and other people when they commit mistakes. Sometimes, it takes time.

It’s not easy thing to do but a bravest act we can ever do. Because in forgiveness, we gain peace and love.

Relationship may never be the same again, but we learn how to accept the situation.

Yes, we forgive others and yet, do you ask for forgiveness to yourself?


I hope this letter finds you well. How are you? Things are a little bit tough these days.

How do you feel?

I understand your struggle. You’re not alone. You’re coping and doing your best to live each day.

It’s okay if you decided to filter news and refrain from reading negative discussion.

It’s okay if you choose to ignore messages or unfollow people and pages that shows negative vibes.

It’s okay to protect your mental health and inner peace.

We all have different coping skills and way of dealing with adversity.

It’s okay, don’t feel bad about yourself.

It’s okay if you don’t finish that book or pause the current series you are watching.

It’s okay to have mental detox. Just doing nothing and simply being grateful even on the tiniest thing or moment in your life.

The situation is very alarming and our sense of control seems being taken away.

You might feel stuck and worry about the future. Will this situation end? You fret about your dreams and plans that are cancelled.

Hey, take a deep breath.



This is not yet the end. But, what you feel is valid.

You can’t change the situation but you have the power to control your thoughts. You are capable of your response with the situation.

I know. You might say, it is toxic positivity. I’m not saying that you will ignore the negative. What I’m trying to imply is, may you focus on the good side.

Please, do not allow the negative aspect to control your disposition. It’s a process and it’s okay if you find it difficult at first.

But, remember. You’re not alone. I’m with you.


The Woman who is trying to cultivate good thoughts.

Healing and Peace

Our world was shaken by the pandemic-COVID 19. It brought fear and uncertainty.

Every country was rattled and it continues to bring terror as of today. Many lives were taken and numerous frontliners continues to combat this pandemic. Strategic plans are being curated by the government to minimize its effect. Scientists continues to create an antidote. Every one is working. Every one is trying. Every one is fighting every day.

Lives were affected. The less fortunate suffers the most. Its a virus that affects all people from different walks of life. Every one is at risk. The severity just differs based on the status. Not everyone is privilege.

Frontliners sacrifice their lives. Facing the threat of this crisis. They even receive discrimination but thankfully, some appreciates their efforts.

Confirmed, suspected, or probable cases are isolated and even stigmatized. They are facing great dilemma.

A moment of peace and prayers to those individuals who succumbed to this virus. May they find eternal repose.

The economy is at risk, especially the third-world country. Our world is in agony and in battle. But, this crisis also shows beauty in humanity. There are still beautiful souls, offering help in any ways and forms.

This crisis needs unity. It calls for unity and collaborative effort from the citizen and its government.

Citizens who share their sentiments and complains, we can’t blame them. They are simply asking the services that is due for the majority. They know, that the government can do better. But, we commend them as well for trying and for accepting the voices as constructive criticism. Violence will never be an answer to anything.

This is definitely a new decade’s dilemma. We are all in shocked but we are on this together.

I put my faith to God.

Our world will heal and peace will be in our hearts.

This, too shall pass ✨


Worry starts when we no longer control what is happening in our lives. People tends to lose cool and wit once the situation became unfamiliar and when things are out of hand.

Catastrophizing possible outcomes because of fear. We feel terrified because we no longer know what will happen next. So, we prefer to be always in control. We want things under control because it brings comfort and security to us.

But, adversity will shake our fortress that we once built. Before our very own eyes, we will watch it to crumble under our feet. Now, its gone. We are now expose and fragile. Our nakedness cause us shivers as fear crepts into our system. Our heart feels like being clenched by an metal hands. Our mind is out of control as if attack by million of bomb. Soul is shattering into pieces because of broken melody it once enjoyed.

Chaos and terror is felt everywhere. We can’t change the reality. We can’t always be in control. This life is not suppose to be easy. Its like a mystery being unfold day by day. There is no assurance.

But, the certainty we can have is our capacity to think above all of it. We are capable of creating the reality that we deserve.

We are in control of our response and in our own destiny. We are more than this adversity. We are more than our fear. We are more than this chaos and disturbance.



Allow yourself to feel all of it. But, don’t allow it to control you. Own it. Embrace it. Accept it and then release the things that causes you pain and suffering. Let go the baggage that you are not suppose to carry.

You will get through all of it even if you can’t control everything.

Strengthen your faith and embrace your shortcomings.

Embrace the reality of this world and create the vision that you deserve. Be at peace with your storms. Be at peace with your reality.


I won’t mind being silent and quiet. There’s comfort in silence. Things are not complicated because everything is simply quiet. I’m not scared of deafening silence because I can dance to the silent rhythm of it.

One thing is for sure, I won’t mind the silence but my mind is too loud. Ideas, thoughts, and words keeps on dancing in my mind as if its having a revolt. My words became a prisoner and it wanted to be free. Thoughts of mine wants to be release. Ideas seeks light and manifestation.

Lips remain zipped. No plans of uttering any single words. Any chance of making a slightest sounds can’t seem to happen.

Eyes are even closed to ignore the urgency to speak.

I will not allow the world to see the piece of my mind. I will only provide my silence and cold shoulder.

Yet, as I look to the depth of my being. I saw horror and pain. This can’t be. I can’t remain silent because I’m not allowing my core to be burnt by my own passion and light. This light is meant to shine brightly. Its not meant to remain hidden in the dark. My passion must keep on burning to fuel the hopes and will in my heart, mind, and soul.

I will speak even if no one is listening. My words are meant to be free. My thoughts are meant to be heard. My ideas are meant to materialize.

A smile is form to my lips.

Finally, I found my voice. There’s a place for silence and place for my voice. I must know when to speak and when to listen.

Worth Fighting For

Often, I think of things that is worthy of fighting for. Finding meaningful things to make myself feel worthwhile.

Is it my dreams?

Is it my job?

Is is my family?

Is it my principle?

Is it my value?

The list goes on…

I wanted to do something that is fruitful and essential. Something that I will be proud of and will fill the void in my heart.

Then, I realized that why do I keep on looking for it elsewhere?

I paused, then close my eyes. I keep on fighting for other things that I forgot to fight for myself.

Living my life is worthy. I will never be able to do other things if I don’t cherish my life.

This life is gift from God and this life is worth living for. I don’t need to fight for it. I simply need to live life meaningfully and purposefully.

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