Short Entry Series #27

My faith is louder

There are days wherein everything still feels too much
I have no will to continue
But the glimmers of hope helps to believe in the beauty of morning
And the beauty of my faith keeps me still despite of the loud cry of pain and agony

– She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #25

Will be forever part of who I am

I still have those days
Wherein my insecurities and fears are loud
You see, I’ve been struggling so much to accept parts of me that I wish not real and not there
Parts of me that I long to be gone
Parts of me that are ugly and hideous
And yet, those parts of me gives me so much strength and courage
It reminds me to be humble and be a human being
Because my insecurities and fears taught me how to truly love myself
The love that only I, can give to myself

– She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #23

This love is real and pure

And if ever I haven’t given a chance to find that gentle and pure kind of love I been praying for in the form of another beautiful soul;
I pray to be gentle with myself and be enough for me
I pray to be an embodiment of pure and gentle love

– She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #22

A beautiful love story…

I always dream to have a extreme kind of love
The kind of love that makes me feel that I’m in a cloud nine
A love that is so magical
However, as I dig deeper with my core
I realized that I’m yearning for a love that is gentle
The kind of love that is so pure and will keep me grounded
A love that stays with me even in silence
A love that will stays as I deal with my own storms
A love that will allows me to be who I am

– She Write 042021

Short Entry Series #20

Faith is always beautiful. Image is from Pinterest.

As I ingested dose of reality
Walls of my hope
Comes crushing and crumbling before my eyes
All the broken pieces are below my feet
I watched helplessly
However, I found myself lifting my heart to heaven
How come your spirit is not broken?

– She Writes 042021

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