Short Entry Series #19

It’s always beautiful to dream and turn it into reality

Reminiscing my aspirations and hopes
A familiar feeling lingers in my body
Ah, the beauty of my dreams
Always gives me something to hold on
Some dreams I chose to let go
New dreams I welcome

– She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #18

I will always love you

I long for your love
You’re all I think of everyday
You appear in my dreams
In it, our love flourishes
We are in love and happy
No complications. No preconceived notions
No more one-sided love story
Yes, I yearn to love myself for so long

– She Writes 042021

Time Check: Alone Time

Musings in the night 🌃

I highly value sleep. I love to sleep.

I always sleep early. But, when the pandemic started, I noticed that I had trouble falling asleep.

The world is so loud and sick. I really feel bad for everything that happens. I feel like my heart is being wretched and smashed into pieces whenever I see posts and read stories regarding the sad and painful experiences of people. I usually don’t sit with these emotions because I feel too much. I also had to protect my own peace.

Everything is feeling too much. I really pray for the healing of our world and peace to our hearts.

Being said, I realize that with all of these happenings, I can’t sleep easily because I’m yearning for my time alone.

The new morning is beautiful but everything is loud. The time before I sleep is my time for myself.

The night is peaceful and I’m simply present. I need this kind of peace to keep my sanity.

I’m grateful for this moment. I guess I’ll be able to sleep with a tranquil heart. Ready to face tomorrow with a hopeful heart.

Short Entry Series #15

I’m learning and growing

Defeat and failure
I’m way too familiar with these
I thought losing means failing
But there’s so much wisdom and knowledge in those experiences
It strengthens my resolve and allows me to have a change of heart
Defeat and failure are not limiting me.
It actually tapping my hidden and stored potentials

– She Writes 042021

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