Dear Enola Holmes,

Thank you for helping me realize that just because I am woman doesn’t mean I am limited. Because there’s a lot to discover in this vast world. Finding myself is the most important part of the journey. You encourage me not to compromise and listen to the demand of society. Just because society set standardsContinue reading “Dear Enola Holmes,”

Gratefulness Project: Log 8

Today, I’m honoring myself. I am grateful for my sense of self and gift of being. I’m happy for who I am. I’m still struggling with my insecurities and limiting beliefs but at same time, I am doing my best to rise and liberate myself from the chain of my negative thoughts and fears. IContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 8”

The Shoreline And The Sea

The sea brings comfort and serenity to a weary soul. As I stand along the shoreline I witness the calmness of the sea. Giving me assurance that everything will be okay eventually. Sometimes, I feel like I belong to the sea. There’s a call within me as if I’m one with the sea. When there’sContinue reading “The Shoreline And The Sea”

We Are Healing

Healing is not linear. Sometimes it might look zigzag and there will be times that we are in downside of life and it will appears as if healing is not taking place. It’s cliché but we must trust the process. This process will takes time but it will give us good result. This process isContinue reading “We Are Healing”

Let Us Talk About It

How’s your day? How are you? The thing is, I don’t exactly get it. I have no idea how you truly feel. Well, I understand that it’s heavy and difficult. But, if you’re really sure about it can we just talk for a bit? Let’s talk about your crush. What do you like most aboutContinue reading “Let Us Talk About It”

Message In A Bottle

How are you? Life is full of twist and turns. It’s overwhelming. Is life treating you well? I hope that you’re doing fine and if not I hope that you live each day and be present. Just don’t mind about tomorrow. Just live life at the moment. Apparently, being at present and not minding theContinue reading “Message In A Bottle”

Writing is Healing

When I write, I feel like I’m taking out the poison in my mind. Cleansing my soul and allowing my mind to flow like a peaceful water. Allowing the words to dance and finding my own rhythm. Writing is like weaving. Forming words in order to create a piece. A piece of my mind sharingContinue reading “Writing is Healing”


Pandemic affected all lives. It causes terror and panic. It took number of lives and put everyone’s life at risk. Fear became strong and it strengthen the effect of the virus. This pandemic is mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and economical. It affects the entirety. Being said, it shows how the government responds in the crisis.Continue reading “HELP ME UNDERSTAND”

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