The Beauty of Life

Plenty of times that I am confused about my life. Sometimes, I just want to end my existence but this particular moment wants me to live. All I know is, I want to live regardless of uncertainty this life brings. This moment makes me feel alive and the peaceful feeling of being alive.

Between Birth and Death

How can I possibly make my life worthwhile? This whole pattern of my life bores me and I don’t have the slightest idea on how will I feel alive again. Everyday feels the same. I wake up, eat, and sleep again. I can’t feel the in between of life. The same flow of my lifeContinue reading “Between Birth and Death”


Unlike Taylor Swift, I will not return to December. Even if I have the chance to make everything all right I will not do it. I will not swallow my pride and stand in front of you. I’ll probably missed you. Your sly smile and sad eyes but I will not hope to go back.Continue reading “I WILL NOT GO BACK TO DECEMBER”

Dear Diary: Entry 22; Trusting the Process

I’m slowly letting go all of my attachments and negative beliefs. Deep within, I know that I’m doing the right choice and all of my decisions matter. Later on, I will realize the purpose of everything and things will make sense. But, I also believe that I have free will and I can able toContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 22; Trusting the Process”

A Writer’s Core

You will know a writer through words. How he or she constructs and weaves words that form sentences then, a story. Because as the writer writes, he or she is becoming vulnerable. Showing the world the depth of his or her core. Because sharing the piece means allowing to be expose. Every words are allContinue reading “A Writer’s Core”


WHERE AM I HEADING? Here I am, caught again in this crossroad of nowhere. Finding my way because I keep losing my way. Asking myself why it is happening again. How could I possibly lost my path, again. I am actually exhausted finding my way and being brave to face the road less travelled. IContinue reading “IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE”

Dear Diary: Entry 21; Let us sing

Today, I sing my heart out. I let my heart sing… I allow myself to enjoy the harmony of life. I simply dances with the rhythm of life. I’m keeping this hope in my heart. I allow my soul to feel the warmth of life and be free. Today, I feel at ease and IContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 21; Let us sing”

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