Thank You, 2021

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” Maya Angelou Dear 2021, thank you for coming in my life. Thank you for the time and days. Thank you for all the weeks and months. Thank you for giving us a year full of twists and turns. You’re such a year and you made meContinue reading “Thank You, 2021”

Gift of Time

If there’s one gift I want to give myself this coming year, I’m giving myself– time. With all the things that ever happened in my life, I overlooked the importance of time– my own time. I’m spending my time for others that I forgot the importance of having my time– time for myself. I’m gratefulContinue reading “Gift of Time”

To Live As Me

I’m always compelled to seek a new life. To go to a place I never been to. I always feel like, I can find pieces of me in a distant place. Far away from where I am now. I like to move to a new city and delve into new culture. Walk through unknown streetsContinue reading “To Live As Me”

101st Morning Without You

As new mornings arrive, reality is getting real. Every morning is getting more difficult without you. Knowing that I can no longer see you is horrifying. 101 days have passed and yet, I’m struggling to make myself understand why it needed to happen in this season? Why you have to leave in the moment thatContinue reading “101st Morning Without You”

It’s Something About Me

I will always be that human being who seeks life. Always seeking and figuring my purpose. I will always seek the meaning of my life. It’s exhausting sometimes, deciphering the depth of my existence. I keep forcing myself to always grow and it costs me my true self. When I realized that my growth andContinue reading “It’s Something About Me”

Taking One Step

The road is long and I’m not sure where I’m going. This is the first that I have no idea what will happen. More so, there’s no expectations. I’m not waiting or expecting anything. As if I’m just living at the moment and not worrying about tomorrow and thinking the past. It feels really weird.Continue reading “Taking One Step”

Christmas Without You

I always get holiday blues. That’s not new to me. I’m not merry since always. But, my blues are turning into beautiful hues because of my grandmother. I don’t mind feeling blue because I know that I’ll feel holiday colors because of my grandmother. Now, that she’s gone, I feel bluer than blue. This seasonContinue reading “Christmas Without You”

Moments To Ponder

Most of the time I’m getting impatient about my progress. Eager to know what stores for me. Because things are getting more difficult for me. The tunnel is long and can’t see the light on its end. But, I’m not complaining anymore. I can’t believe it! I’m supposed to be complaining and feeling discourage rightContinue reading “Moments To Ponder”

Living Based On My Timeline

I’m now a 24-year old human being. I’ve been alive for twenty four years and yet, am I really living my life? For the record, yes. Later on, I stopped living. I stopped because I’m too busy worrying how to live my life. It’s ironic right? I’m focusing on how I must lead and liveContinue reading “Living Based On My Timeline”

Imprisoned Sadness

Ah, the breeze of a new morning. Signifying a new hope and beginning. The bright light erases the darkness that I feel. Today, I’ll choose to take one step. This beautiful light gives me assurance that the night is gone. However, my scarf is blown away by the wind. That when, I turn my backContinue reading “Imprisoned Sadness”

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