Figuring Out My Life at 23

When I was young, I thought that at 23,I’m able to figure out “EVERYTHING” in my life. By this age, I have a stable career and I’m in pursuit of my passion. At 23, I’m living in accordance with my purpose. You see, I’m so worked up finding my purpose and doing things that I’mContinue reading “Figuring Out My Life at 23”

Short Entry Series #25

I still have those daysWherein my insecurities and fears are loudYou see, I’ve been struggling so much to accept parts of me that I wish not real and not thereParts of me that I long to be goneParts of me that are ugly and hideousAnd yet, those parts of me gives me so much strengthContinue reading “Short Entry Series #25”

Realizing My Dream

The hardest part about my dream is to let go, when it is not serving me anymore. That after pursuing it, I came to realization that it is not meant for me. That I’m fighting for a dream that is not worthwhile. Acceptance of truth that my dream is not for me is painful. HowContinue reading “Realizing My Dream”


Unlike Taylor Swift, I will not return to December. Even if I have the chance to make everything all right I will not do it. I will not swallow my pride and stand in front of you. I’ll probably missed you. Your sly smile and sad eyes but I will not hope to go back.Continue reading “I WILL NOT GO BACK TO DECEMBER”

I’m Free

Inhale Exhale Gently, opening my eyes. Opening my eyes with the possibilities. I’m letting go and accepting the reality of my existence and my being. It doesn’t matter wether I’ll start again. Again, I’ll will do it. I will do my best to challenge my destiny. Destiny, that imprisons me but now, it liberates meContinue reading “I’m Free”


As time goes by, i’m starting to let myself live. I don’t want to be stuck anymore in self-destruction. Destructive tendency will always be there but somehow i can manage to make it more constructive and productive. It’s not easy to deal with my own destruction but i’m being more braver to always choose whatContinue reading “I’M IN LOVE🌻”

Whirls of Emotions

Everyday is a battle for me that I needed to won. I always struggle to continue with my life. I’m exhausted and I want to end everything. Each day, I simply breath and not living anymore. This is the storm that will never end. It will be always within me. This is the kind ofContinue reading “Whirls of Emotions”

Post About 2018

lâcher prise 2018 Definitely a challenging year for me.  It’s about beginning as well as ending. It’s composed of realizations and hard truth. Tears, confusion, fear, and doubt was very visible. It’s not an easy year but what came to my surprised was that i’m not the only one who felt that. A lot ofContinue reading “Post About 2018”

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