Dear Diary: Entry 16; It’s A Yes

I am aware that plenty of opportunities slipped in my hands because of my fear. I’m terrified to take a chance and see the possibilities for me. There are moments wherein I’m telling myself, “You should’ve said yes. ” But, the chance was long gone. Thoughts of me saying yes ruminates. If I could onlyContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 16; It’s A Yes”

The Decision To Make

Life is a series of decisions and choices. Our choices lead to another choices. We choose because of the choices that we have. We come up with a decision because we must decide. Our decisions lead to favorable and unfavorable circumstances. Everyday, we encounter so many decisions to make. Not choosing is a choice. NotContinue reading “The Decision To Make”


As time goes by, i’m starting to let myself live. I don’t want to be stuck anymore in self-destruction. Destructive tendency will always be there but somehow i can manage to make it more constructive and productive. It’s not easy to deal with my own destruction but i’m being more braver to always choose whatContinue reading “I’M IN LOVE🌻”

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