Gratefulness Project: Log 18

I’m grateful because I’m writing again. These past few days I struggle putting my thoughts into words. I can’t find myself writing. As much as I wanted to express I also wanted to hide and keep my thoughts barred. But, I’m thankful for I am able to find my rhythm again. My thoughts are flowingContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 18”

Windows of Life

Life is a series of decisions and choices. As an individual we are unique and we have different perspectives. We cannot invalidate the truth and feeling of our fellow men because we have no prior experience of their reality. Humans are complex that requires continuous understanding and respect. There is no single theory that explainsContinue reading “Windows of Life”


A “probinsyana” that took a chance. Moved to the city and embrace the fast-paced way of life in the city. Relocated in an unfamiliar city and took her first job. The beginning of her professional journey. She’s reluctant in life and she took a leap of faith. Her fears weren’t able to interfere although she’sContinue reading “FLEETING LIFE IN THE CITY”

Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void

I feel exhausted. There’s void within my heart. I never thought that my heart could be this empty. Watching Korean Dramas and doing things that usually makes me happy no longer interest me. But, I’m doing my best to function and live each day. This day is one of those days that I’m not inContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void”

Writing is Healing

When I write, I feel like I’m taking out the poison in my mind. Cleansing my soul and allowing my mind to flow like a peaceful water. Allowing the words to dance and finding my own rhythm. Writing is like weaving. Forming words in order to create a piece. A piece of my mind sharingContinue reading “Writing is Healing”

I’ll Keep on Writing

There’s an urge inside of me. A force that keeps me writing. Every writings is a product of my imagination and desire to express what’s in my heart, mind, and soul. It is me being naked with my thoughts and emotions. A genuine confession of my being. As I write, I go deeper with myselfContinue reading “I’ll Keep on Writing”

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