It Feels Good

Today, I feel more at peace. I’m not pressured in finding and getting a job anymore. When the lockdown started, I’m actively sending applications and frantically looking for a job. Even though, in reality, I really don’t want to find a job yet. I felt exhausted and lost. Also, I felt empty when I lostContinue reading “It Feels Good”

Resigning Without A Plan

As a fresh graduate, I’m pressured to get a job and to get a stable income. I was pressured as if there was a timeline that I must beat. I was conditioned that at 21, I must settled. I must be already successful. But, life doesn’t works like that. Here I am, 23, and I’mContinue reading “Resigning Without A Plan”

Dancing With the Waves

We all face waves and rage of the sea. We can’t stop any of it but we learn how to dance to its rhythm. As we go along with our journey, we encounter waves after waves . Some are small and some are big enough to drown us in the sea of life. But, weContinue reading “Dancing With the Waves”

Dear Diary: Entry 26 ; Interview

I have scheduled interview today. Then, earlier I chicken out. I just want to withdraw my application and don’t appear on my suppose schedule. I’m so scared to try something different because I’m not sure what will happen. So, after the inner conflict and all, this scaredy-cat was able to attend the interview. I’m notContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 26 ; Interview”

Message for Her

You know very well that there are thousands of possibilities for you. Please don’t be discourage if life brings you in a place that you never ask for. If everything doesn’t go according to your plan. Life, my friend is dynamic and so are you. I understand if you feel like giving up because thingsContinue reading “Message for Her”

Dear Diary: Entry 20; How Can I Be a Bigger Person?

This life is different in the perspective of each one of us. We all have fair share of experiences. We are in this crusade and we all are carrying a cross. Pain and suffering, we are all familiar with it. We face different challenges and adversity. Some battles are hidden and never shared to theContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 20; How Can I Be a Bigger Person?”

Dear Diary: Entry 19 ; Weather

These past few days were very challenging. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions and up and down of feelings. Doubts and confusion is evident and I’m facing tyranny of choice but I’m coping. That is what I believe. I decided to withdraw my job applications and decline job interviews. There is some sort of ambivalence. IContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 19 ; Weather”

Dear Diary: Entry 17 ; 2:03 AM THOUGHTS

I woke up feeling cold. Coldness lingers in my body and I feel scared. Horrors and worst scenario appears in my mind. Maybe, the saddest thing about it is, who will be strong for me when I feel weak? I keep my pain inside and deal with it in silence. I need to be thereContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 17 ; 2:03 AM THOUGHTS”


Actually, we always get disappointed in life. Our family disappoints us. Our friends disappoint us. Our job disappoints us. Even ourselves, we feel disappointed in our self. In short, people will always disappoints us. We will always feel disappointed with the people around us at some point in our life. But, the painful disappointment weContinue reading “DISAPPOINTMENT”

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