Gratefulness Project: Log 8

Today, I’m honoring myself. I am grateful for my sense of self and gift of being. I’m happy for who I am. I’m still struggling with my insecurities and limiting beliefs but at same time, I am doing my best to rise and liberate myself from the chain of my negative thoughts and fears. IContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 8”


Unlike Taylor Swift, I will not return to December. Even if I have the chance to make everything all right I will not do it. I will not swallow my pride and stand in front of you. I’ll probably missed you. Your sly smile and sad eyes but I will not hope to go back.Continue reading “I WILL NOT GO BACK TO DECEMBER”

Along the Way

I’m grateful with my journey. I’m grateful for having this journey and for experiencing everything. I’m grateful for all of my experiences. Actually, even the experiences and plans that I never hope for or situations that I never picture myself to be in, I am grateful. Because along the way of my journey, I metContinue reading “Along the Way”

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