Waves of Memories

Looking back, I am full of dreams and aspirations in life. I am hopeful and determined with my plans and dreams. I always believe that i am capable of flying. I will explore the world and be the best version of my self. The nostalgia of my past gives me shiver. Coldness envelops my beingContinue reading “Waves of Memories”

Windows of the Soul

She smiles and spread so much light to everyone She’s in peace and compose. Seek answer and she will gladly help. She’s chaos and calm at the same time. She seems to master the art of peace. Deal with her own storm in peace. She dances with the music of her sorrow. In harmony withContinue reading “Windows of the Soul”

Dancing with Misery

Sadness, my friend, visited me again. Melancholy creeps again to my body. Its a familiar feeling. A melody that synchronizes with every fiber of my body. Me as a hospitable and warm host, i accepted my friend without hesitation. For i know the feeling of not being fully accepted, of not feeling belong. I knowContinue reading “Dancing with Misery”


“Know thy self” I feel like, it is always difficult to know deeper yourself because there is that resistance that prevents you from knowing your deepest truth. I feel like there is that certain barriers that stop you from being in depth because the painful and ugliest truth also lies within. Truth than even you,Continue reading “GETTING IN TOUCH WITH SELF”

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