The Shoreline And The Sea

The sea brings comfort and serenity to a weary soul. As I stand along the shoreline I witness the calmness of the sea. Giving me assurance that everything will be okay eventually. Sometimes, I feel like I belong to the sea. There’s a call within me as if I’m one with the sea. When there’sContinue reading “The Shoreline And The Sea”


I keep on holding in the pain of the past because for me it was the only thing that made me feel alive. I let this pain repeatedly hurts me. I allowed it because I thought I deserve it. I always thought that I deserve all the worst things in life. For me, good thingsContinue reading “I FOUND MY SOLACE, I’M HOME”

Dear Diary: Entry 4; I Want to Leave

This place is suffocating. Somebody please help me to get out of here. I’m drowning but i need to keep going. I’m filled with annoyance right now but i must channel peace and mindfulness. I feel restless at the moment. But, i need to practice grounding. I’ll keep my faith and hope intact. I’ll beContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 4; I Want to Leave”

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