Windows of the Soul

She smiles and spread so much light to everyone She’s in peace and compose. Seek answer and she will gladly help. She’s chaos and calm at the same time. She seems to master the art of peace. Deal with her own storm in peace. She dances with the music of her sorrow. In harmony withContinue reading “Windows of the Soul”

The Path Less Taken

I often asked myself regarding my destination. Where am I suppose to go? Uncertain with my path, i decided to continue my journey. My fear of the unknown won’t stop me to take a path that is unfamiliar. I always meant to go and open different doors. But, i also have fair share of experienceContinue reading “The Path Less Taken”

A Place of Peace

I’m grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. I found solace and acceptance with its shelter. It gives me sense of relief and peace. I’m in search of my purpose and yet, it accepted me with an open arms. Giving me the chance and opportunity. The sound of laughter is a music to my soul.Continue reading “A Place of Peace”


As time goes by, i’m starting to let myself live. I don’t want to be stuck anymore in self-destruction. Destructive tendency will always be there but somehow i can manage to make it more constructive and productive. It’s not easy to deal with my own destruction but i’m being more braver to always choose whatContinue reading “I’M IN LOVE🌻”

Whirls of Emotions

Everyday is a battle for me that I needed to won. I always struggle to continue with my life. I’m exhausted and I want to end everything. Each day, I simply breath and not living anymore. This is the storm that will never end. It will be always within me. This is the kind ofContinue reading “Whirls of Emotions”


You were struggling alone and you feel lost. But, i want you to know that i am always here for you. Talk to me. I am willing to listen to you. It’s time that you must face what you are feeling squarely. You can’t deal with it if you keep on switching topics just becauseContinue reading “PLEASE, OPEN UP”

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