Days Like This

I’ve always thought that I’m better of alone. They say that we should be enough for ourselves. That we must learn to be happy on our own and find happiness within. I believe that I can be happy with my own world. Establishing my self-love and being fine on my own. I thought that I’mContinue reading “Days Like This”

On Loving Another Soul

Love. Love. Love. “Do not think that love in order to be genuine has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa Love is the most precious thing that we could ever feel and give.Continue reading “On Loving Another Soul”

101st Morning Without You

As new mornings arrive, reality is getting real. Every morning is getting more difficult without you. Knowing that I can no longer see you is horrifying. 101 days have passed and yet, I’m struggling to make myself understand why it needed to happen in this season? Why you have to leave in the moment thatContinue reading “101st Morning Without You”

It’s Something About Me

I will always be that human being who seeks life. Always seeking and figuring my purpose. I will always seek the meaning of my life. It’s exhausting sometimes, deciphering the depth of my existence. I keep forcing myself to always grow and it costs me my true self. When I realized that my growth andContinue reading “It’s Something About Me”

Christmas Without You

I always get holiday blues. That’s not new to me. I’m not merry since always. But, my blues are turning into beautiful hues because of my grandmother. I don’t mind feeling blue because I know that I’ll feel holiday colors because of my grandmother. Now, that she’s gone, I feel bluer than blue. This seasonContinue reading “Christmas Without You”

Short Entry Series #39

There are still days whereinI hardly accept my flaws and imperfectionsWhenever I looked into the mirrorI struggle to love what I seeHowever, I learn how to be much stronger and braverBecause every time I’m finding myself again in the same situationI courageously tell to myself how wonderful and amazing I amI’ll never get tired remindingContinue reading “Short Entry Series #39”

Short Entry Series #23

And if ever I haven’t given a chance to find that gentle and pure kind of love I been praying for in the form of another beautiful soul;I pray to be gentle with myself and be enough for meI pray to be an embodiment of pure and gentle love – She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #22

I always dream to have a extreme kind of loveThe kind of love that makes me feel that I’m in a cloud nineA love that is so magicalHowever, as I dig deeper with my coreI realized that I’m yearning for a love that is gentle The kind of love that is so pure and willContinue reading “Short Entry Series #22”

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