Windows of Life

Life is a series of decisions and choices. As an individual we are unique and we have different perspectives. We cannot invalidate the truth and feeling of our fellow men because we have no prior experience of their reality. Humans are complex that requires continuous understanding and respect. There is no single theory that explainsContinue reading “Windows of Life”

We Are Healing

Healing is not linear. Sometimes it might look zigzag and there will be times that we are in downside of life and it will appears as if healing is not taking place. It’s cliché but we must trust the process. This process will takes time but it will give us good result. This process isContinue reading “We Are Healing”

An Average Honor Student

Average: a standard or level that is considered to be typical or usual, (Cambridge Dictionary). When I was a child my eyes were opened to the importance of education. I put so much value in education and considered it as my passport to success. Because when you were young and poor you will hold onContinue reading “An Average Honor Student”


Unlike Taylor Swift, I will not return to December. Even if I have the chance to make everything all right I will not do it. I will not swallow my pride and stand in front of you. I’ll probably missed you. Your sly smile and sad eyes but I will not hope to go back.Continue reading “I WILL NOT GO BACK TO DECEMBER”


Actually, we always get disappointed in life. Our family disappoints us. Our friends disappoint us. Our job disappoints us. Even ourselves, we feel disappointed in our self. In short, people will always disappoints us. We will always feel disappointed with the people around us at some point in our life. But, the painful disappointment weContinue reading “DISAPPOINTMENT”


“Hi, good morning,” the tour guide greeted while maintaining the smile. “You better stop smiling”. The woman unconsciously blurted out and it was too late before she realizes it. “What I mean is-” The tour guide burst into laughter. It sounds like music. A beautiful harmony. She thought the tour guide will be offended butContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- LAST PART”

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