Uniform of my Past

One of the happiest memory I’ve had… Is when i wear my white clinical uniform. I feel the happiest and the proudest of myself. I feel empowered and contented for what i have. Wearing my uniform is my confirmation and manifestation. I feel like, i made the best decision of my life and that isContinue reading “Uniform of my Past”

Waves of Memories

Looking back, I am full of dreams and aspirations in life. I am hopeful and determined with my plans and dreams. I always believe that i am capable of flying. I will explore the world and be the best version of my self. The nostalgia of my past gives me shiver. Coldness envelops my beingContinue reading “Waves of Memories”

Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes, we found answer in a random and unexpected circumstances. We meet people and they give us part of themselves. Part of them that brought healing to our brokenness. You see, a simple gesture and word can means a lot in an individual. Our words might change their view and give them so much hope.Continue reading “Random Act of Kindness”

Dear Diary: Entry 3; Self

I’m taking chances. Exploring what i am meant to be. I am more focus on protecting my inner peace and inner thoughts. I am more gentle and loving to myself. Giving myself compassion and understanding that it needs especially in this trying times. I also, stop beating myself for not being good enough. I giveContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 3; Self”


As time goes by, i’m starting to let myself live. I don’t want to be stuck anymore in self-destruction. Destructive tendency will always be there but somehow i can manage to make it more constructive and productive. It’s not easy to deal with my own destruction but i’m being more braver to always choose whatContinue reading “I’M IN LOVE🌻”


“Know thy self” I feel like, it is always difficult to know deeper yourself because there is that resistance that prevents you from knowing your deepest truth. I feel like there is that certain barriers that stop you from being in depth because the painful and ugliest truth also lies within. Truth than even you,Continue reading “GETTING IN TOUCH WITH SELF”

Unexpected Clichê

You came at the most unexpected timeAt the most unexpected placeYou’re unexpected soulEverything about you is unexpectedBut, your existence being unexpectedResults into a very unexpected feelings It’s surprising and dangerousI was caught off guardThere was no sign and haphazardAll I know is, I’m already at the danger zoneAt the battle field unprepared. But the thingContinue reading “Unexpected Clichê”

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