Short Entry Series #23

And if ever I haven’t given a chance to find that gentle and pure kind of love I been praying for in the form of another beautiful soul;I pray to be gentle with myself and be enough for meI pray to be an embodiment of pure and gentle love – She Writes 042021

Short Entry Series #22

I always dream to have a extreme kind of loveThe kind of love that makes me feel that I’m in a cloud nineA love that is so magicalHowever, as I dig deeper with my coreI realized that I’m yearning for a love that is gentle The kind of love that is so pure and willContinue reading “Short Entry Series #22”

Time Check: Alone Time

I highly value sleep. I love to sleep. I always sleep early. But, when the pandemic started, I noticed that I had trouble falling asleep. The world is so loud and sick. I really feel bad for everything that happens. I feel like my heart is being wretched and smashed into pieces whenever I seeContinue reading “Time Check: Alone Time”

Short Entry Series #15

Defeat and failure I’m way too familiar with theseI thought losing means failing But there’s so much wisdom and knowledge in those experiences It strengthens my resolve and allows me to have a change of heartDefeat and failure are not limiting me. It actually tapping my hidden and stored potentials – She Writes 042021

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