Message In A Bottle

How are you? Life is full of twist and turns. It’s overwhelming. Is life treating you well? I hope that you’re doing fine and if not I hope that you live each day and be present. Just don’t mind about tomorrow. Just live life at the moment. Apparently, being at present and not minding theContinue reading “Message In A Bottle”

Sensitivity and Emptiness

When sensitivity and emptiness meets, what will happen? As someone who feel emotions deeply, feeling empty feels like death. It feels like a body without a soul. I thought its a relief when I no longer feels everything but actually, it feels like I am slowly dying. This is the kind of death that’s cruel.Continue reading “Sensitivity and Emptiness”

My take away in the Korean Drama entitled It’s Okay to Not be Okay

1. We cannot run away forever from the butterfly of our past. Wherever we go, we are bound to confront it and make peace with our past. We are not meant to always move away when problems are being presented to us. It requires face to face approach and allowing ourselves to feel the painContinue reading “My take away in the Korean Drama entitled It’s Okay to Not be Okay”

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