Do you ever wonder why? I was taken aback with the canon of your words. Its like a bomb that shaken me and I was caught in the middle of cold war. Is it my self-righteousness? Do I become eccentric not to see your pain? I told to myself to never remunerate it. I mustContinue reading “UNSAID. UNSENT.”

Place Where I’m Supposed to Be.

My story is not yet ending. The current situation I’m in is not final. This, too, shall pass. The process is painful and meaningful. I found myself breaking and rebuilding the fragments of my being. Truth is, I’m praying and hoping to found myself in a place where I truly belong. A place that willContinue reading “Place Where I’m Supposed to Be.”


Pandemic affected all lives. It causes terror and panic. It took number of lives and put everyone’s life at risk. Fear became strong and it strengthen the effect of the virus. This pandemic is mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, and economical. It affects the entirety. Being said, it shows how the government responds in the crisis.Continue reading “HELP ME UNDERSTAND”

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