Time Check: Alone Time

I highly value sleep. I love to sleep. I always sleep early. But, when the pandemic started, I noticed that I had trouble falling asleep. The world is so loud and sick. I really feel bad for everything that happens. I feel like my heart is being wretched and smashed into pieces whenever I seeContinue reading “Time Check: Alone Time”

Dear 2020

This year has been very challenging for all of us. A lot of things happened and changed. 2020, has been the most unusual year. The end of a decade and a start. It could be the worst year but I personally think that this year is an essential phase for all of us. I, myselfContinue reading “Dear 2020”

The Art Of Hardship

Things are not easy for me. I needed to endure hardships just to experience the triump. There is no easy way out in my life. I undergo series of obstacles and face darkness heads on. Despite of all hurdles in my life I emerge as victor. I know that its the same right now. AtContinue reading “The Art Of Hardship”

Dear Diary: Entry 24; Gratefulness

As I close my eyes and look within I realized that there are a lot of things that I should be grateful. I am grateful for this morning. I’m awake and I have the chance to see the miracle that might happen to me today. I’m anew and I’m not the person I was yesterday.Continue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 24; Gratefulness”

Writing is Healing

When I write, I feel like I’m taking out the poison in my mind. Cleansing my soul and allowing my mind to flow like a peaceful water. Allowing the words to dance and finding my own rhythm. Writing is like weaving. Forming words in order to create a piece. A piece of my mind sharingContinue reading “Writing is Healing”

Dear Diary: Entry 6; Take a Rest

The weather is hot today. So, i have no choice but to get up on my bed and face the day. I want to go to the beach and feel the breeze. Feel the waves under my feet. Dance with the wind as the sea embraces my exhausted soul. I want to see the calmnessContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 6; Take a Rest”

A Place of Peace

I’m grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. I found solace and acceptance with its shelter. It gives me sense of relief and peace. I’m in search of my purpose and yet, it accepted me with an open arms. Giving me the chance and opportunity. The sound of laughter is a music to my soul.Continue reading “A Place of Peace”

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