Gratefulness Project: Log 9

I am grateful because I’m at peace today. I’m simply allowing life and love flows within me. I’m not worrying about anything. All I know is I am breathing and I am alive. I’m happy because despite of the chaos around me and within me, I can manage to be in state of tranquility. IContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 9”

The Shoreline And The Sea

The sea brings comfort and serenity to a weary soul. As I stand along the shoreline I witness the calmness of the sea. Giving me assurance that everything will be okay eventually. Sometimes, I feel like I belong to the sea. There’s a call within me as if I’m one with the sea. When there’sContinue reading “The Shoreline And The Sea”

Healing and Peace

Our world was shaken by the pandemic-COVID 19. It brought fear and uncertainty. Every country was rattled and it continues to bring terror as of today. Many lives were taken and numerous frontliners continues to combat this pandemic. Strategic plans are being curated by the government to minimize its effect. Scientists continues to create anContinue reading “Healing and Peace”

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