I am Rebuilding Myself

Why me? Why is it happening to me? This is unfair! I don’t deserve this! When life throws hard punches to me, I always react negatively and ask the logic behind it. I am a good person, why negative things happen to me? Why life is being unfair to me? Through the years, I keepContinue reading “I am Rebuilding Myself”

Dear Diary: Entry 26 ; Interview

I have scheduled interview today. Then, earlier I chicken out. I just want to withdraw my application and don’t appear on my suppose schedule. I’m so scared to try something different because I’m not sure what will happen. So, after the inner conflict and all, this scaredy-cat was able to attend the interview. I’m notContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 26 ; Interview”

An Average Honor Student

Average: a standard or level that is considered to be typical or usual, (Cambridge Dictionary). When I was a child my eyes were opened to the importance of education. I put so much value in education and considered it as my passport to success. Because when you were young and poor you will hold onContinue reading “An Average Honor Student”

Process and Perspective

I understand that things are tough. What’s happening with the world is alarming and disturbing. Chaos after chaos. Fear after fear. Worry after worry. Feeling sad and negative is understandable. I know. It is hard. But, as things get tougher and tougher, may we strengthen more our faith and trust to our Almighty God. WeContinue reading “Process and Perspective”

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