It’s Okay If It’s Still Raining

The rain is still pouring. It seems like there’s no stopping. The sun is still hiding and here I am, waiting for the sunshine. My heart is getting gloomy each day. I can’t wait for the rain to stop. But, as time goes by, I became used to the rain; as if it washes myContinue reading “It’s Okay If It’s Still Raining”

Living With The Storm

Calming my own storm in order to create peace within me. But, no matter how much I able to deal with my own storm, there are still times that my serenity is disrupted and when that happens; I can’t do anything to stop the raging storm. All I know is I’m soaked and drowned withContinue reading “Living With The Storm”

It’s Okay, We Need A Little Rain.

Ironically, rain brings warmth and comfort when you’re in pain and sad. As the drizzle embraces our soul, everything doesn’t matter anymore. We are alone with the rain. We are under the magic and beauty of it. As if there is a spell that comforts us in whatever troubles we are having. But, sometimes theContinue reading “It’s Okay, We Need A Little Rain.”

Gratefulness Project: Log 2

Today, I am grateful for the rain. The rain reminds me that when everything feels heavy it’s okay to let it all out. Droplets of the rain gives me comfort and peace. It washes my fears and worries. I’m grateful for every drops of it. Because the sound gives me melody of consolation. The rainContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 2”

Dear Diary: Entry 19 ; Weather

These past few days were very challenging. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions and up and down of feelings. Doubts and confusion is evident and I’m facing tyranny of choice but I’m coping. That is what I believe. I decided to withdraw my job applications and decline job interviews. There is some sort of ambivalence. IContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 19 ; Weather”

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