Short Entry Series #39

There are still days whereinI hardly accept my flaws and imperfectionsWhenever I looked into the mirrorI struggle to love what I seeHowever, I learn how to be much stronger and braverBecause every time I’m finding myself again in the same situationI courageously tell to myself how wonderful and amazing I amI’ll never get tired remindingContinue reading “Short Entry Series #39”

Short Entry Series #25

I still have those daysWherein my insecurities and fears are loudYou see, I’ve been struggling so much to accept parts of me that I wish not real and not thereParts of me that I long to be goneParts of me that are ugly and hideousAnd yet, those parts of me gives me so much strengthContinue reading “Short Entry Series #25”

Short Entry Series #23

And if ever I haven’t given a chance to find that gentle and pure kind of love I been praying for in the form of another beautiful soul;I pray to be gentle with myself and be enough for meI pray to be an embodiment of pure and gentle love – She Writes 042021

Time Check: Alone Time

I highly value sleep. I love to sleep. I always sleep early. But, when the pandemic started, I noticed that I had trouble falling asleep. The world is so loud and sick. I really feel bad for everything that happens. I feel like my heart is being wretched and smashed into pieces whenever I seeContinue reading “Time Check: Alone Time”

The Unpredictability of Humans

As I fall into another realization. Truly, we can’t fully fathom and understand the complexity of humans. One thing I love about humans, they are unpredictable and capable to learn. Though they are unpredictable they are dynamic. We can’t put them into a specific spectrum because their potentials are vast. Humans are capable of change.Continue reading “The Unpredictability of Humans”

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