Days Like This

I’ve always thought that I’m better of alone. They say that we should be enough for ourselves. That we must learn to be happy on our own and find happiness within. I believe that I can be happy with my own world. Establishing my self-love and being fine on my own. I thought that I’mContinue reading “Days Like This”

To The One Who is Restarting

Taking unfamiliar country road is a leap of faith. I have no idea where this road will take me but I’m moving forward anyway. I’ve been taking unpave road since then. It’s difficult and scary. However, I’m not stopping. At this point of my life, I’m no longer bothered about restarting my life or notContinue reading “To The One Who is Restarting”

Flickers of Light in Darkness

If I could put in a picture how I see my future, the above image is the best representation. I completely have no idea what lies ahead of me. However, I’m choosing to move forward. Despite the darkness that lies ahead of me. I’m grateful with the flickers of lights along my way. The lightContinue reading “Flickers of Light in Darkness”

From A Place of Suffering

When we’re coming from a place of suffering, our faith is being challenged. It’s difficult to hold on our faith especially if we’re waiting most of our lives. The waiting period is hard. I’m always excited for all the blessings that are store for me. Sometimes, I feel entitled for blessings. Because I feel likeContinue reading “From A Place of Suffering”

To Live As Me

I’m always compelled to seek a new life. To go to a place I never been to. I always feel like, I can find pieces of me in a distant place. Far away from where I am now. I like to move to a new city and delve into new culture. Walk through unknown streetsContinue reading “To Live As Me”

What Lies In-Between?

I have no idea. There’s a lot in my mind and yet, I don’t know how to deliberately transform my thoughts into words. My thoughts are trapped in my mind. Struggling to be free. My thoughts are overwhelming at times that it hijacks my state of mind. It creates havoc within me. This internal painContinue reading “What Lies In-Between?”

No One Asked Why?

I still struggle to grasp the reality. Wondering if I should’ve acted differently. But, no. I’ll do it over and over again. I’ll just probably change on how I allowed it to affects me. It hurts. Verified my assumptions and wretched my heart. Knowing that that’s my only worth. It made me feel alone moreContinue reading “No One Asked Why?”

What I’ve Learned As a 23-Year Old in the Middle of Nowhere

With my quest in life, I’ve gained insights and realization. There are lessons that I learned in a hard way and I found wisdom in the most unexpected way. Sometimes, I feel like I’m an old soul in the body of a 23 years old being; as if I’m in the wrong century. As IContinue reading “What I’ve Learned As a 23-Year Old in the Middle of Nowhere”

Figuring Out My Life at 23

When I was young, I thought that at 23,I’m able to figure out “EVERYTHING” in my life. By this age, I have a stable career and I’m in pursuit of my passion. At 23, I’m living in accordance with my purpose. You see, I’m so worked up finding my purpose and doing things that I’mContinue reading “Figuring Out My Life at 23”

Another Day to Be Present

It’s been a while since I posted. Well, there’s a lot in my mind. As much as I wanted to create a post. I really can’t form and organize my thoughts. I’ve been feeling so down that I need to retreat in order to rejuvenate. I’ve been feeling so bad about myself and I feelContinue reading “Another Day to Be Present”

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