11:30 PM Thoughts

It’s been a while since I post in here. Well, I suddenly had another realization. It is cliché but unexpected things do really happen in life and we are always one step towards our dreams. Sometimes, I don’t notice that my prayers are answered and every time I’m focusing my energy on negativity, I’m forgettingContinue reading “11:30 PM Thoughts”

Living With The Storm

Calming my own storm in order to create peace within me. But, no matter how much I able to deal with my own storm, there are still times that my serenity is disrupted and when that happens; I can’t do anything to stop the raging storm. All I know is I’m soaked and drowned withContinue reading “Living With The Storm”

Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void

I feel exhausted. There’s void within my heart. I never thought that my heart could be this empty. Watching Korean Dramas and doing things that usually makes me happy no longer interest me. But, I’m doing my best to function and live each day. This day is one of those days that I’m not inContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 25; Emptiness and Void”

Dear Enola Holmes,

Thank you for helping me realize that just because I am woman doesn’t mean I am limited. Because there’s a lot to discover in this vast world. Finding myself is the most important part of the journey. You encourage me not to compromise and listen to the demand of society. Just because society set standardsContinue reading “Dear Enola Holmes,”

Between Birth and Death

How can I possibly make my life worthwhile? This whole pattern of my life bores me and I don’t have the slightest idea on how will I feel alive again. Everyday feels the same. I wake up, eat, and sleep again. I can’t feel the in between of life. The same flow of my lifeContinue reading “Between Birth and Death”

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