No One Asked Why?

I still struggle to grasp the reality. Wondering if I should’ve acted differently. But, no. I’ll do it over and over again. I’ll just probably change on how I allowed it to affects me. It hurts. Verified my assumptions and wretched my heart. Knowing that that’s my only worth. It made me feel alone moreContinue reading “No One Asked Why?”

It’s Okay If It’s Still Raining

The rain is still pouring. It seems like there’s no stopping. The sun is still hiding and here I am, waiting for the sunshine. My heart is getting gloomy each day. I can’t wait for the rain to stop. But, as time goes by, I became used to the rain; as if it washes myContinue reading “It’s Okay If It’s Still Raining”

There Will Be Those Days

Sometimes, I just want to hide under my blanket and keep myself from the world. I don’t know. I’m not doing anything and yet, I feel exhausted with my existence. Then, there will be moments that I can’t find my life meaningful. All I want to do is to question my existence and ask myselfContinue reading “There Will Be Those Days”


Do you ever wonder why? I was taken aback with the canon of your words. Its like a bomb that shaken me and I was caught in the middle of cold war. Is it my self-righteousness? Do I become eccentric not to see your pain? I told to myself to never remunerate it. I mustContinue reading “UNSAID. UNSENT.”

It’s Okay, We Need A Little Rain.

Ironically, rain brings warmth and comfort when you’re in pain and sad. As the drizzle embraces our soul, everything doesn’t matter anymore. We are alone with the rain. We are under the magic and beauty of it. As if there is a spell that comforts us in whatever troubles we are having. But, sometimes theContinue reading “It’s Okay, We Need A Little Rain.”

Dear Diary: Entry 12; Without Context

This is me, writing with no idea what will I going to write. These past few days, I feel nothing. I have a lot in mind but it seems like I have no energy to put all of it in words. Sometimes, I feel like drowning with my own thoughts. It’s exhausting and I wantContinue reading “Dear Diary: Entry 12; Without Context”

Middle of Labyrinth

Havoc embosom my entirety as I continue to decipher the path that will lead me to great unknown. I should’ve known better. Weight of expectations linger to my shoulder. My sense of equanimity is devastated. Can I just annihilate my fear and brokenness? Let me go back to equilibrium and be console by solace, forContinue reading “Middle of Labyrinth”

Dancing with Misery

Sadness, my friend, visited me again. Melancholy creeps again to my body. Its a familiar feeling. A melody that synchronizes with every fiber of my body. Me as a hospitable and warm host, i accepted my friend without hesitation. For i know the feeling of not being fully accepted, of not feeling belong. I knowContinue reading “Dancing with Misery”


Every day we encounter different kinds of people. We met tons of people. With their uniqueness as well as their set of problems and principles in life. Some of them appear very strong, some of them are very jolly and some are lonely. Their emotion varies. But, do we ever wonder how we affect them?Continue reading “HI, MY WARRIOR 🌿”

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