Living With The Storm

Calming my own storm in order to create peace within me. But, no matter how much I able to deal with my own storm, there are still times that my serenity is disrupted and when that happens; I can’t do anything to stop the raging storm. All I know is I’m soaked and drowned withContinue reading “Living With The Storm”

Realizing My Dream

The hardest part about my dream is to let go, when it is not serving me anymore. That after pursuing it, I came to realization that it is not meant for me. That I’m fighting for a dream that is not worthwhile. Acceptance of truth that my dream is not for me is painful. HowContinue reading “Realizing My Dream”

Gratefulness Project: Log 19

Today, my heart is full of gratitude for another year added in my life. Time flies and here I am, 23 years of existence in this lifetime. I’m more than blessed for this life. I tend to feel blue during my previous birthdays but from now on, I decided to celebrate my natavity. I realizedContinue reading “Gratefulness Project: Log 19”


A smile that captures her attention. The tour guide is also very polite to the questions of the tourist and willingly explain to the inquiries. She doesn’t have questions that much. Or maybe she can’t formulate one. She already heard about it and read some reviews as well as read its history that is whyContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- Part 2”


Mr. Sun greeted the woman good morning. The sun rays embrace her body. The sunlight brightens more her beautiful smile. Birds are chirping it’s like a music to her ears. The sound makes her want to dance. The rhythm just seems so right. She was welcomed by the beautiful sunflowers and it looks like dancingContinue reading “ONCE UPON A SUMMER- Part 1”

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