Waves of Memories

Looking back, I am full of dreams and aspirations in life. I am hopeful and determined with my plans and dreams. I always believe that i am capable of flying. I will explore the world and be the best version of my self. The nostalgia of my past gives me shiver. Coldness envelops my beingContinue reading “Waves of Memories”


You were struggling alone and you feel lost. But, i want you to know that i am always here for you. Talk to me. I am willing to listen to you. It’s time that you must face what you are feeling squarely. You can’t deal with it if you keep on switching topics just becauseContinue reading “PLEASE, OPEN UP”


White looks clean and pure. I’m always fascinated by it’s purity and cleanliness. It’s always pleasing in the eyes. I feel at ease whenever i am seeing it. It’s also signifies cure because doctors and nurses are usually wearing this color. There are also people in my life that are wearing white coat. I relyContinue reading “WHITE COAT”

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