Sensitivity and Emptiness

When sensitivity and emptiness meets, what will happen? As someone who feel emotions deeply, feeling empty feels like death. It feels like a body without a soul. I thought its a relief when I no longer feels everything but actually, it feels like I am slowly dying. This is the kind of death that’s cruel.Continue reading “Sensitivity and Emptiness”


Her smile is the prettiest. I will never gets tired to see her smiling as her eyes sparkle. Her eyes are full of depth. It contains universe that I can’t fully fathom. Its depth will takes forever in order to be fully explored. Her heart and soul is full of mystery and magic. The beautyContinue reading “WHEN HER LIGHT DIMS”

Windows of the Soul

She smiles and spread so much light to everyone She’s in peace and compose. Seek answer and she will gladly help. She’s chaos and calm at the same time. She seems to master the art of peace. Deal with her own storm in peace. She dances with the music of her sorrow. In harmony withContinue reading “Windows of the Soul”

A Place of Peace

I’m grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. I found solace and acceptance with its shelter. It gives me sense of relief and peace. I’m in search of my purpose and yet, it accepted me with an open arms. Giving me the chance and opportunity. The sound of laughter is a music to my soul.Continue reading “A Place of Peace”

Unexpected Clichê

You came at the most unexpected timeAt the most unexpected placeYou’re unexpected soulEverything about you is unexpectedBut, your existence being unexpectedResults into a very unexpected feelings It’s surprising and dangerousI was caught off guardThere was no sign and haphazardAll I know is, I’m already at the danger zoneAt the battle field unprepared. But the thingContinue reading “Unexpected Clichê”

Twenty One Years Old Self Speaks

TWENTY 1 AND REALIZATIONS 💮 The sky and sea will always be a perfect combination. It always amaze me and makes me feel tranquil. I feel like I’m always home. Because both, is forever connected to something, something unknown and beautiful. I can be connected to the different part of the world. It’s way tooContinue reading “Twenty One Years Old Self Speaks”

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