What Lies In-Between?

I have no idea. There’s a lot in my mind and yet, I don’t know how to deliberately transform my thoughts into words. My thoughts are trapped in my mind. Struggling to be free. My thoughts are overwhelming at times that it hijacks my state of mind. It creates havoc within me. This internal painContinue reading “What Lies In-Between?”

Sprouting Flower of Hope

I’m easily swayed and thrown off by challenges and obstacles. Because my spirit vanishes easily when things gets hard, the flame of hope easily dims. I always feel bad whenever I’m experiencing it. I feel expose and vulnerable. The least thing I would like to feel and yet, I’m too familiar with it. My heartContinue reading “Sprouting Flower of Hope”

There Will Be Those Days

Sometimes, I just want to hide under my blanket and keep myself from the world. I don’t know. I’m not doing anything and yet, I feel exhausted with my existence. Then, there will be moments that I can’t find my life meaningful. All I want to do is to question my existence and ask myselfContinue reading “There Will Be Those Days”

Forever Twenty-Two: Musings

I’m in this journey called life. As I go along, I learned things and I realized plenty of lessons that I hope to share with others. Being twenty-two in this lifetime is quite challenging and full of twist and turns. There’s a lot to experience and I’m in the process of discovering bits of beautyContinue reading “Forever Twenty-Two: Musings”

An Average Honor Student

Average: a standard or level that is considered to be typical or usual, (Cambridge Dictionary). When I was a child my eyes were opened to the importance of education. I put so much value in education and considered it as my passport to success. Because when you were young and poor you will hold onContinue reading “An Average Honor Student”

A Writer’s Core

You will know a writer through words. How he or she constructs and weaves words that form sentences then, a story. Because as the writer writes, he or she is becoming vulnerable. Showing the world the depth of his or her core. Because sharing the piece means allowing to be expose. Every words are allContinue reading “A Writer’s Core”


Breathe. Inhale Exhale Hush, you are not oblige to answer. Don’t force yourself to answer, “I’m fine. “ When in reality, you have no idea what you truly feel. Do you ever wonder what does being okay or fine actually mean? We usually answer, “I’m okay” or “I’m fine” out of habit. We replied withContinue reading “HOW ARE YOU?”

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