Thank you, Community ✨🤗

Hi, everyone! This is @intricatemusing from She Writes: Tale of A Dreamer. I’m writing this to express my utmost gratitude for all of you for taking the time to visit and check my posts here in WordPress. I know that this milestone is nothing big but it means a lot to me. I’m very gratefulContinue reading “Thank you, Community ✨🤗”

Dear 2020

This year has been very challenging for all of us. A lot of things happened and changed. 2020, has been the most unusual year. The end of a decade and a start. It could be the worst year but I personally think that this year is an essential phase for all of us. I, myselfContinue reading “Dear 2020”


It’s a process and a choice. Choosing to be grateful despite of the circumstances. Circumstances that will shaken our disposition and perception of life. Life is mysterious. Mysterious and fascinating. Fascinating because each day, its beauty unfolds. Unfolding and giving us sense of excitement despite of the uncertainty. Uncertain because we have no control onContinue reading “Gratitude”

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